Daisaku Kawada

“My work consists of kaleidoscopic imagery gathered from numerous sources ranging from geometric patterns to natural forms. The paintings can be singular or many panels joined together depending on the particular occasion of their installation. This way of seeing the work effects our understanding of relevanceof looking at single iconic art work which must be seen only as a whole. My work aims to defy this status in its installation, process and outcome.Wall paper stencil, precisely repeated patterns and off balance multicolor combination governs my imagery in ever more complex layers. My current interest is to experiment with the relationship between three dimensional form and pattern construction so as to enable the viewer to enter a limitless space oforganic and geometrical/architectural suggestion. All my recent works have been painted on MDF panels rather than traditional stretched canvas (no collage used). Working on MDF allows me to create a richer vocabulary of optical effect and multi-layered construction.” – Daisaku Kawada, 2011

Please contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle Hodges or Kinga Grof for further details.

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