Geoff Routh

Geoff Routh’s paintings are inspired by one of the last remaining of these spaces. Stockwell Studios, just off Clapham Road was originally called the Annie McCall Hospital.   It was built in 1915 as one of the first specialised maternity hospitals in Europe.  Its use as a hospital came to an end in the 70s.  In 1987 the disused building with its imposing red brick Edwardian façade, was occupied by artists and musicians.

Geoff Routh was one of the original squatters of the dilapidated Annie McCall Hospital.  Twenty years on, his studio is still there. Over this time he has obsessively – almost forensically – scrutinised the building and environs.  The paintings that have resulted amount to a biography of the building, and the drawn-out assault of it by the buddleia, ivy and other staples of untended gardens in London.

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