Jenny Pockley

The monumental cloud shapes and majestic waves depicted in Pockley’s work are formed in diffused or minimal light and soft shadows; they describe the Sublime; the Ethereal. Thin layers of oil paint glow on a superfine white surface giving a luminous quality that enhance the glow of light. The colour and paint quality cultivate the viewer’s emotions and assimilate memories and yet are representative of all times. The paintings verge on the abstract as the viewer becomes absorbed by the subtle play of colours reminiscent of Rothko and recalling an influence of Richter and Turrell’s “Deer Shelter sky space”.

Meanwhile her Cityscapes, also luminous and ethereal, are often seen through the hazy quality of twilight or from an unusual viewpoint. Some works are made using Carborundum paper, a black sandpaper, which also gives a luminous quality but this time through the rich contrast of colour against the deep absorbent black surface.

The paintings represent a moment of time paused and elongated and gradually unfolding and evolving with the shifting of shadows and shapes. Meanwhile the structures we build that meet the Sea and Sky are humbled and diminished next to Nature’s monumental presence.

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