Katharine Morling

Katharine Morling presents an exciting new body of work for her latest solo show with Long & Ryle.  Drawing from her own personal narrative, Morling creates captured moments, intricately worked in porcelain.  Seemingly familiar objects, such as a box of matches or a suitcase, are transformed into emotive, fragile sketches of their former selves.  Morling invents characters of the imagination through her detailed exploration of new narratives, from the seamstress (a sewing machine with cotton reels, needles and even a thimble) to the beetle collector (a rucksack of magnifying glasses, specimen jars and beetles).

As the title implies, the exhibition will introduce alternative ways of viewing the medium of ceramics. Morling’s sketches, which are the starting point of all her three-dimensional pieces, will be innovatively re-worked into wall sculptures.  These sculptures will expand from the flatness of the wall to envelop the room, growing into free-standing works. In addition, viewers will be further drawn into Morling’s creative world with the inclusion – for the first time – of a collection of drawings and sketches that have inspired her work.  This will give the viewer a fresh look at the process of transforming the two-dimensional into the three-dimensional.

Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working in the medium of ceramics. She set up her studio in 2003 and has since gained international acclaim for her work. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2009, she has won the Arts Council ‘Award for the Arts’ two years in a row and was awarded First prize at the 2010 World Crafts Council Triennial in Belgium. Morling also represented the UK at the 2010 European Ceramic Context in Denmark and was selected for the ‘Award’ exhibition at British Ceramic Biennial. For COLLECT 2011, she showed a new installation ‘Out of the House’ in the Project Space of the Saatchi Gallery. As part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Morling was invited to create an artist’s response to the Staffordshire Hoard. Morling designed 10 large ceramic sculptures of mythological godlike creatures, that represent the deities that the Anglo Saxons might have worshiped. ‘Morling and the Hoard’ is now on permanent display alongside the Staffordshire Hoard at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent.

Please contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle Hodges, or Kinga Grof for further information.

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