Mandukhai Kaylin

Mandukhai Kaylin’s work examines the symbiotic relationship between technology, culture and photography, and the ways in which the three engender developments between one another. Using the visual language of the vernacular through appropriation and digital collage, she interprets the ubiquity of online digital imagery as it relates to the trajectory of contemporary photographic discourse, inquiring into the ways in which the configuration of the internet dictates the dissemination and interpretation of culture and information in the late capitalist zeitgeist. Her collages are in one sense a meditation on how the images and visions of our desires, as accessed through the web, can entrap the user in a constant quest for fulfillment through disembodied consumption and escape, into simulated virtual realms and corporeal disconnect.


Mandukhai Kaylin was born in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia and currently lives and works in London.

Please contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle-Hodges or Kinga Grof for further details.

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