Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller’s work reinterprets the idea of looking at the overlooked from a tradition of still life. The objects, lost/ found/ discarded, are real, resonant, they are part of intimate narratives, removed from their original contexts, and they are reborn with new and ambiguous meaning.

“I am interested in painting that slows down the process of looking. The ‘found objects’ are painted life size; their small scale invites close scrutiny and an intimate focus.

I found the hydrangea head broken off on my way to the studio one day, I know immediately if I want to paint an object and when it dried out it featured in other paintings. I work in oils on gesso panels. The process is quite laborious but I like the complexity of the surface that I get with the build up of the oil paint.”

Please contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle Hodges, or Kinga Grof for further information.

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