Natalie Meyjes

Natalie Meyjes was born in 1962 in Arizona. Between 1979-1988 she was a principal dancer and soloist with the San Francisco ballet. Following her career as a ballerina, she studied painting and sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited in San Francisco and Berkeley, Paris, and the U.K.

Meyjes views the fairy tale as an open door to a world of wonder both imagined and real: “The “once upon a time’, task and reward, test of courage, magic of nature, transformation, and ‘dreams come true” elements in the stories we tell, exist in both fantasy and in our actual lives.  Real events are woven into fairy tales, and sometimes a true story plays like a fairy tale.”


Meyjes utilizes the idea of magic and transformation in her fairy tale box assemblages.   The stories of Lewis Carroll, Hans Christen Anderson, and Aesop are interpreted with others less known:  Absinthe: The Green Fairy, The Nose, Baba Yaga  and Nijinsky. Using the fairytales as inspiration, Meyjes transforms these stories into three-dimensional realities with found objects – from once beautiful and precious fragments, such as the inner workings of a clock, to elements of nature, such as a birds nest from ‘Rilke 1914’. In the tradition of Joseph Cornell or Damian Hurst, Natalie creates poetry from the commonplace.

Please contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle Hodges, or Kinga Grof for further information.

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