Paul Coldwell

Paul Coldwell’s sculptures reflect the capacity of domestic objects to contain and prompt memories and ideas.

Coldwell has worked in response to various collections, such as those at the Freud Museum, London, the V&A, and Kettle’s Yard. His work responds to what is found and what is curiously absent in the atmosphere of the space. Coldwell’s works essentially deal with ideas of interval, negative spaces, absences, losses and voids, responding to things that are present and speculating on things that seem absent.

Coldwell uses a range of methods for creating bronze sculptures. Firstly he takes numerous photographs, notes and drawings. The bronze sculptures are made by the lost-wax casting process.

Paul Coldwell is also reknowned for his digital prints, which ‘evoke the human desire to communicate, to travel, or possibly escape’ (Theresa Kenyon, IMPRINT magazine, vol. 46, no. 4)

Contact Sarah Long, Carolyn Ryle-Hodges or Kinga Grof for further details.