Ramiro Fernandez Saus: Prospecting the Inner Isles

  • Long & Ryle
  • December 4th, 2019 - December 20th, 2019

Long & Ryle Press are pleased to announce the long awaited book launch of  ‘Ramiro Fernandez Saus: Prospecting the Inner Isles’ with text by Andrew Lambirth, a Limited Special Edition of 100 Monograph with accompanying retrospective exhibition.

The arc of Saus’ painting has encompassed much over the years. Ramiro takes his viewers on adventures and we travel the world in his imaginary sailing boats and steam ships. We visit distant lands, encounter exotic romance and step into the secrets rooms of his imagination. When talking about his cast of characters Saus says “my characters are poetic figures: they don’t have a logical explanation. They arrive to me in an intuitive way and most of the time I don’t know why. But I can always tell for sure if they are going to enlighten the mystery in the painting.”

The book is a compilation of works from the last twenty years. The exhibition will be comprised of selected paintings, sculptures and prints dating back to early works created when Saus was first awarded a scholarship at the Delfina Studios in London. Some of these work were exhibited in his initial exhibition with Long and Ryle in 1990.