Many of the great stately leaps forward in English art have been in the realm of portraiture. From Gainsborough to John singer Sargent, and Holbein to Van Dyke, the art of portraiture is no longer seen as a simple visual depiction of a person, but instead has utilized its visuality as a rout to the essence of the subject; portraits re-presented as paintings first and foremost with a story to tell.

Although the once automatic response to commission a portrait has declined over the last century, mainly due to photography combined with a decline in academic training. However, a recent re-interest into this art form has pushed portraiture into a new dimension and changed its straightforwardness.

All of the portrait artists on this page accept portrait commission.

Long & Ryle gallery facilitates the process of commissioning a portrait. We act as an intermediary between the artist and client. Provisionally, we will arrange a meeting at the gallery between the client, the artist and ourselves. During this meeting, we will discuss the formalities, e.g. the subject, the setting, the size and price. Once a commission is decided upon, the client will be invoiced for 50% and further arrangements will be made regarding sittings etc. On completion, the client is free to view the piece and once happy, the final invoice will be sent.


Please contact Sarah Long or Chelsea Blake for further information regarding portrait commissions.